This is a book about liberal feminism, why feminism should be liberal, and what real liberal feminism should look like, in my humble opinion.

This book is actually made up of excerpts from my other books. I could have written a similar book with similar ideas from scratch, but I thought this approach was better. Firstly, a theoretical book about liberal feminism, arguing its case from front to back, really looks too similar to some of what's already out there. While I believe I do have something new to contribute, there is a possibility that the similarities will drown out any differences for many readers. To effectively introduce new ideas, a fresh format is often a good option. Secondly, I have already, in the past, chosen to make my case for liberal feminism via fiction, again for effectiveness reasons. To select excerpts from that novel to highlight and make my case more clearly and succinctly would be a good idea, I think. Thirdly, liberal feminism is actually liberalism as applied to gender issues, no more or less, and therefore liberal theory in general can directly apply to liberal feminism too. As liberalism is already universal, there is no need to rewrite liberal theories and ideas specifically for applying to feminism, just like there is no need to reinvent the idea of freedom of speech for each kind of speech one may encounter in society.

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