TaraElla is a singer-songwriter and an author. She identifies as a liberal and a liberal feminist.[1]

She is most well known for the promotion of the 'Princess's Spirit', independent culture creation, a form of 'back-to-basics' liberalism that combines elements of both Rawls-style liberalism and libertarianism, and liberal feminist ideas based on this particular form of liberalism.

She is also a keen supporter of marriage equality, a version of family values that is LGBT-inclusive (she calls this 'adaptive family values'), and marriage privatization.

The Princess's Spirit

The Princess's Spirit actually defies precise definition. Novels like TaraElla's 'The Princess's Spirit' trilogy illustrate what it is. But here are several ground rules:

1) Belief in one self's ability to make things right in the end 2) Never giving in despite the odds being against you 3) Being proud of your sense of style, even if others don't like it 4) Never change who you are, even if others bully you for it 5) Loving life, and loving the people around you 6) Helping those less fortunate around you. Sometimes this requires courage too.



Non Fiction

Liberal Feminism

Princess's Spirit

  • Princess's Spirit Life Ideas #1: The Dreamers' Guide to Life
  • Princess's Spirit Life Ideas #2: You Can Change the World Too
  • Princess's Spirit Social Ideas #1: Building the Princess Spirit World
  • Princess's Spirit Social Ideas #2: An Adaptive Family Values


  • The Story of a 21st Century 'Somebody': Independent Culture Creation in the 2000s & 2010s
  • Be A Star in Life: A Collection of Life Empowerment Articles
  • Ideas for the World's Future: A Collection of Cultural, Social and Politically Themed Articles
  • The World Needs Marriage Equality Now



  • Love Is All Around Us (2011, re-released 2014)
  • The Road to Where I'm Heading (2013, re-released 2014)
  • Your Love Makes The World Beautiful (2014)
  • The Princess's Spirit (to be released 2017)

Singles and EPs

Liberal Revival Now

TaraElla strongly identifies as a liberal, and a liberal feminist.[1] (Note that her definition of 'liberal' is closer to classical liberalism than the modern American usage, and her liberalism isn't necessarily similar to modern American progressivism.)[2][3] She believes that liberalism is the only ideology that is moral, because it respects the equal moral agency of every individual.[4] She has called for the revival of a liberal culture, where freedom of speech and conscience are strongly upheld.[4][5] She has also made the case that liberalism is best able to handle issues around intersectionality, due to its respect for individual views and consciences.[1]

Intersectional Feminism and GLIF

TaraElla identifies as an intersectional feminist.[6][7] She also believes that liberal feminism and its emphasis on individual empowerment is the best way to bring about a truly intersectional feminism.[4][8]

TaraElla has a strong belief that feminism should be all-inclusive, and has defended the right of people to be included in the feminist movement regardless of views on religion, abortion, political affiliation, Israel-Palestine matters, and other matters.[9][10] She also defended Ivanka Trump's right to identify as a feminist, saying that 'anything else would be dangerous'.[11][12] She is also opposed to TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminism), on similar grounds.[13]

TaraElla also believes that a truly intersectional feminism must be without gatekeeping, and has coined the term GLIF, standing for Gatekeeper Limited Intersectional Feminism, to describe what she sees as self-identified intersectional feminists attempting to exclude people with certain views from the feminist movement.[14][15] The term has been found useful by some feminists[16], especially pro-life feminists[17], but remains controversial for other feminists.[18]

WikiEqualize (formerly Wikipedia Equality)

TaraElla is the founder of the WikiEqualize project, which aims to improve female and minority representation on Wikipedia by abolishing the Notability Criteria.[19] She has written extensively that the Notability Criteria perpetuates structural sexism and inequality, because women and minorities are less likely to be able to fulfill that criteria and hence be included in Wikipedia.[20][21] She has also suggested a replacement called the Cultural Contribution Criteria, and has written extensively on how she believes this can work.[22][23]

While several other feminists have instead suggested reforming the Notability Criteria[24], TaraElla believes that any Notability Criteria would necessarily result in structural inequality, and has linked this view to her belief that the presence of gatekeeping is incompatible with true intersectional feminism.[25]

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